Ivacy VPN Review 2023 – Is Ivacy Good/Safe To Use?

Ivacy VPN is a well-known VPN that provides excellent service. It has all the necessary features, employs military-grade AES-256 encryption, doesn’t keep any logs, and, with any luck, has speeds that are above average. Torrenting is also supported by the application, albeit at varying speeds. Additionally, there is currently a limited-time offer deal available with incredible savings of up to 90% off. Below you will get more information in the Ivacy VPN review.

You can stream so easily on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, etc. As a result, you can now watch all US libraries at lightning speed from anywhere in the world. It will never let you down because it has a sizable server network (5700+ servers) spread across 68 nations. Consequently, you can now enjoy uninterrupted time for a low price of just $1.00 per month.

Is Ivacy VPN Good?

Yes, Ivacy VPN is the greatest, and it also has good service or features and enables Netflix streaming.

IvacyVPN offers a sizable server network, and it also provides its users with increased protection. Although Ivacy VPN is a solid product, there is still much room for growth, such as the necessity to include more functions in the free edition.

Is Ivacy VPN Safe?

Is Ivacy VPN Safe

It is true that Ivacy VPN is the totally secure and best online VPN app, and that it will safeguard your data while you use it. In the event that your internet connections fail or are abruptly terminated, Ivacy VPN includes a rigorous no-lag policy and a kill-switch option.

Ivacy VPN’s fantastic feature of using military-grade encryption encrypts your internet data.

both use encryption and conceal your true identity from ISPs. It safeguards your privacy and security while keeping you safe from hackers and trackers.

How Much Discount Does Ivacy VPN Provides?

You can currently take advantage of a significant discount of up to 90% off on a 5-year subscription, which will cost you just $1.00 per month in addition to having free access to a premium password manager and protected 2TB of cloud storage. This is a perfect option for the Windows platform, so do not miss the opportunity to grab a great deal without wasting any time by using the Ivacy coupon code.

Ivacy Review About Streaming: Can Ivacy VPN Unblock Netflix?

Can Ivacy VPN Unblock Netflix

Ivacy VPN features a sizable server network spread across many nations, so you won’t have any problems when streaming. Watch all of your favorite programs right now without interruption from anywhere in the world.

Netflix-accessible with Ivacy VPN, in my experience, works flawlessly with Netflix and other video streaming services. Additionally, you may use IvacyVPN to access all of US Netflix’s content from anywhere at any time, saving a whopping 90% on top of other premium and free cloud storage perks.

The BBC iPlayer performed similarly to Netflix when I accessed it, and the same can be said about it. Although I tried both the US and UK servers, they both worked really well. The good news is that I streamed in HD and had no problems with YouTube.

Ivacy VPN Review For Safe Torrenting?

Ivacy is a VPN that is excellent for torrenting because it permits P2P connections on each of its 5700 servers and generally works well, according to the fastest speed, when I used it. When using Ivacy VPN while torrenting, there is no need to be concerned about viruses or hacking. 

Military-grade encryption and a strict “no-logs” policy make it completely safe. Furthermore, the Secure Download feature automatically scans the files for malware, adding an additional layer of security. Ivacy VPN lifetime subscription review

Features Review Of Ivacy VPN

There, you will find all of Ivacy VPN’s beneficial features along with proper security, allowing you to use it wherever you please while still having access to all geo-restricted websites with ease. To learn more about its features, take a look at the section below.

Ivacy VPN Review about Split tunneling

If you wish to route only a portion of your traffic through the VPN server, split tunneling is a useful feature. You can select which apps use Ivacy VPN and which don’t use this feature. If you need to unblock Netflix in another nation while also being able to use a local connection for low-latency gaming, you might want to do this.

Ivacy VPN Review For Secure Download

This is a fantastic feature that will provide you with uniqueness because it will also focus on the data that you are downloading. It operates in real-time and keeps an eye out for any software that might be harmful, so you can download anything easily with full protection 

Encryption Review Of Ivacy VPN

AES 256-bit cipher is used by Ivacy VPN. That is encryption of a military-grade for your device protection. Regarding security and privacy, Ivacy VPN is among the top virtual private network service providers. It has 256-bit AES encryption, which is still unsurpassed today.

Tunneling protocols

Probably the most popular protocol in the VPN industry is OpenVPN. There are two different iterations: the faster UDP one and the more dependable and secure TCP one. Accessible on Android and Windows.


Performance-wise and in terms of connection speed, IKEv2 trumps OpenVPN. Although, it also supports the devices perfectly. It also works on Windows, macOS, and iOS with Ivacy VPN. Nevertheless, they refer to it as IKEV, which raises some questions as there is also an old v1 version.


A dated tunneling protocol is L2TP/IPSec. Many suppliers still provide it to their customers, nonetheless. Ivacy VPN follows suit in this regard and supports it on both platforms Windows and iOS. So go and grab now the Ivacy VPN with a huge discount.

Review of Ivacy’s Kill Switch Feature

This feature is crucial while using a VPN since it protects your identity if your VPN stops running or gets discounted. As a result, it allows you to remain anonymous while using it, making it a crucial and ideal function for a VPN. 

You don’t need to be aware that you can keep streaming using Ivacy VPN in this case either.

Ivacy Review & Pricing

We’ve listed the beta pricing and discounts on its plans below, so you can choose based on your needs or budget. 

But in this case, I preferred Ivacy’s 5-year plan, which includes a massive discount of up to 90% off as well as other benefits for just $1.00 per month. It means you are saving 90% of the actual price.

IvacyVPN’s PlansIvacy VPN DiscountsIvacy VPN’s Pricing 
1 Month PlanN/A$9.95/mo*
1 Year PlanN/A $3.99/mo*
Exclusive offer 5 Year PlanUpto 90% off$1.00/mo*

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Do I Have To Pay For Ivacy VPN?

Yes, you have to pay in order to take advantage of its services. Although you can have a huge discount of up to 90% off, which is running right now, go and grab it now.

Is There A Free Trial Available For IvacyVPN?

For privacy and security that never expire, get Ivacy. To benefit from the risk-free 7-day trial that costs just $0.99.

Conclusion Of Ivacy Review

Ivacy VPN is a fantastic choice for both streaming and gaming. Even after paying 90% less for a 5-year subscription, I genuinely feel my money was well spent.

 I’ll also advise you to choose the 5-year plan so you can benefit from its service without interruption for a very long time, everywhere in the world. 

In addition, all IvacyVPN features are excellent in terms of connectivity, speed, and privacy, so don’t miss the opportunity or grab the worthwhile deal right away!

Alternative VPN of Ivacy

If you are disappointed with the service provided by iTopVPN, I have listed some iTopVPN alternatives below. Therefore, you can choose one of them. The best part is that the Black Friday sale is currently running, enabling you to take advantage of big savings.