UVPN Review 2023 – Is it safe or not?

A VPN software is best to use for all those who are concerned about internet safety. VPN works on multiple devices at a time like laptops, computers, smartphones, iOS, etc to keep your online browsing safe. The use of VPNs increasing & on the other hand the competition of VPN companies also growing day by day. In this growing competition UVPN, a grown-up company is trying hard to make the best place. The company journey was started in 2015 to keep your surfing anonymous over the internet. Although the company lack prestige as compared to others but efficient to use. It’s a new firm so let’s go through with UVPN Review 2023 before using it.

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We usually prefer to use an affordable and well-featured VPN for work. So, we used it and find it is all the features very safe and easy to manage. But nothing is perfect! With lots of advantages, we find few disadvantages in its services. So let’s dive into the uVPN Price Review to know about it.

What is uVPN?


uVPN is a good VPN services provider. It offers free, anonymous, secure, unlimited VPN services, to unlock any of the blocked websites, content, and internet services. The software allows you to hide your real IP address and bypass restriction in your country. This will help you to experience restriction-free & safe browsing over the internet. The brand is trusted by millions of users worldwide. uVPN is one of the best VPN in the World and you can access it from abroad. Even students can easily access uVPN because it is the best VPN For Students and with the use of this VPN students can also access the geo-restricted sites.

How Good is uVPN?

Millions of users rated this firm with 4.5 stars. The uVPN chrome extension is downloaded by 1.6 million users. With this, you can break the boundaries of the restricted content and games you want to browse. It allows unlimited browsing so the user can easily stream from youtube, Netflix, and other streaming platforms.

With the use of this VPN, you can easily access your favorite music on Spotify in a restricted country without any limitations because the mentioned VPN is a good VPN For Spotify. Although uVPN is good VPN but in case you want an alternative then you can try Bucks VPN.

Is uVPN Secure?

Using uVPN is a very secure decision for the users. It provides a no-log policy and no matter what you are doing online. All your legal online activities are from hacking eyes.  It will protect you when you are browsing with a public wi-fi connection.

Is uVPN Free?

For all those who want to browse anonymously without spending a single penny, uVPN is the best choice for you. It provides a free google chrome extension that a user can add free of cost. Not only for chrome but you can use it for android, windows, firefox addon, etc.

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Does uVPN free version provide sufficient features?

No, In its free version user will get limited features for browsing. If you want to explore the internet without any worry then get its paid version. In the uVPN paid version you will get all the required features to surf the internet safely.

How much does uVPN cost?

In its free version, you will get limited features. To enjoy all the features of uVPN shift on its paid version at a budget cost. The services of the uVPN are economical. On its long-term plan, you can save a maximum of up to 60%. To redeem this amount applies the uVPN Coupon Code & get its services for 1 year. The uVPN pricing and plans are:-

  • uVPN 1 month Plan:- US$.49/mo*
  • 6 Months uVPN Plan:- US$4.99/mo* Up to 40% Off
  • uVPN 1 Year Plan:- US$3.33/mo* Saving of maximum 60%

Does uVPN Provide a Free Trial?

Yes, If you are using its paid version then you will get a free trial of 7 days. So, the user can test its paid services for a while or refund them if not satisfied.

Get ultimate VPN in 3 simple steps

Within 3 steps you can easily own the services of the uVPN.

  • First, select the plan according to your needs.
  • Then create an account with email, Facebook, or apple id.
  • Then check on the checkout button

Easily you can use the services of the uVPN at a minimum cost. It is easy to manage and affordable to buy.

What Features uVPN Provides?

UVPN Features

In the uVPN feature list, you will get the premium features that help you to keep your work safe from hackers’ eyes. The list of uVPN features is as follows:-

  • Watch your favorite show on the different streaming platforms
  • Browse over the geo-restricted boundaries
  • No lags while streaming online
  • Enjoy the fast download and upload speed
  • A fast killswitch to upgrade security without reducing speed
  • Easy to select country
  • Download business and entertainment files from anywhere around the world

How to Use uVPN?

Within three steps anyone can connect to any IP address among the 30 countries’ IP addresses. The software is designed for all users not specifically for cybersecurity specialists.

  • Download the software in desired gadget & signup into it.
  • Select the desired location that suits your needs
  • Then press the start button

Products of uVPN

uVPN works on different devices according to the user’s choice. The product list of the uVPN is as follows:-

What are The Pros and Cons of uVPN?

uVPN pros and cons


  • Hide your online identity
  • 30 Countries IP address
  • Secure your online connections
  • Offer secure torrenting and streaming
  • Makes online gaming better


  • Sometimes slow down your device
  • Lack of server option
  • Sketchy privacy policy
  • Sometimes collect and share data with third parties

How Many Devices can be Connected to uVPN Simultaneously?

uVPN can connect up to 5 devices at a time. It means you can connect a smartphone, iPad, notepad, television, PC at the same time.

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How can you contact uVPN?

When you face trouble while using the uVPN then you can solve it by asking for help from the uVPN team. You c easily connect with its support team through support@uvpn.me or fill in the contact form available on the uVPN support page.

Conclusion:- uVPN Review 2023

uVPN is a grown-up VPN service provider. It is not very popular but trying hard to fulfill the user requirement. We rate this company 4.5 out of 10 Because it is not very powerful. If you are using this for the minimum time then get this software. The software is easy to use and work on all kinds of devices. Its yearly plan is budget-friendly. But sometimes it slows down devices. Its free version is compatible with various operating devices.

I hope after reading the uVPN Review you can decide whether you want to use it not. If you are ready to use then please share your review with us.